Doing Business as Family

Archive - July 2015

Executive retreats are for parents, too!

Businessman by the Beach Getting Away From it All

Executive retreats aren’t just a vacation for CEOs. They’re important business meetings that bring the leadership team together to iron out problems. Would this work for a family, too? The CEOs of FamilyCo need the leadership team of Mom and Dad to be on the same page, so “retreating” is a great way to create some common...

Building a farm in the city


Ever thought about working a farm? You’re probably already doing it, if you’ve got a family, and you’re running a business. A farm isn’t always cows, crops, and corn. We use The Farm as a metaphor for discussing the intensity and commitment it takes to not only run a business, but getting your family to labor alongside you...

Budgeting is gorgonzola cheese?


Budgets aren’t so scary. They’re actually an amazing tool, the perfect accompaniment to the salad of life. Budgets just help you get what you want out of your money. When you think about it, they’re like gorgonzola cheese. Don’t you agree? (Background music: “Pineapple” by Podington Bear) file | Play in new...

Connecting with kids, your little employees


Even though kids are little, we sometimes forget that they’re little. Not everyone at home is an adult who understands adult problems. Kids are like little employees – they need reassurance and empathy, too. I made a mistake at work once that led me to compare how I treat my kids to how I treat my colleagues at work. file | Play in...