Doing Business as Family

Archive - August 2015

Prepare your battlestation, part 2


This is part 2 of Preparing your Battle station. The search for love is a journey of the heart. All’s fair in love and war. We’ve talked about the war, and now it’s time to fall in love. A battle station takes some physical prep for sure, but are you prepared for the mental prep? A smoothly-running FamilyCo doesn’t just...

Prepare your battlestation, part 1


In the fight to become paperless, we’re kinda losing. Are you still dealing with paper? We all are, and it’s not about shredding and burning. Taking a step back to see what’s troubling you in your daily FamilyCo operations will give you an idea of how you’re attacking your paper enemies. Don’t let paper cover rock...

Erasing the guilt


Those little bits of paper that we trade for goods and services have the power to make us feel shame, guilt, and loathing about ourselves. How did we grant money that kind of power? We should quit that. It doesn’t help us move forward, so I say just drop the guilt, and get to work. Emotions like guilt gets in the way of action. (Background...