Doing Business as Family

Archive - September 2015

The damaging cost of buying cheap


Does the dollar section lure you in? It’s so easy to buy 20 things that only cost you $20. But it’s a trap! Impulse shopping is the slippery slope to waste and clutter. Not only that, but it puts a strain on your long-term goals, your state of mind, and even at times, your health. FamilyCo executives, don’t be lulled into bins...

A place for diet cokes (and everything in its place)

Cold glass with cola and ice cubes

Doing your own personal family bookkeeping sounds really awesome, responsible and fascinating…until it comes to confrontation time. Having to face the music on all of your small purchases and then categorize them is uncomfortable to us, because we love our treats, like Diet Cokes and cupcakes. But why bother feeling guilty about it? All...

Cost vs. benefit vs. vacation

Piggy bank sculpted in sand on sandy beach

We tend to plan vacations with emotion. But being able to cooly calculate in the cost of family trips is a reality that requires us to leave emotion at the door. And it sucks, because our kids are little only once. How do you decide between having money to live on, and making those wonderful summer-trip memories? It requires you to think like a...