Doing Business as Family

A place for diet cokes (and everything in its place)

Cold glass with cola and ice cubes

Doing your own personal family bookkeeping sounds really awesome, responsible and fascinating…until it comes to confrontation time. Having to face the music on all of your small purchases and then categorize them is uncomfortable to us, because we love our treats, like Diet Cokes and cupcakes. But why bother feeling guilty about it? All I’m asking you to do is categorize them. I get you, I don’t like giving up my treats either, and so I don’t. I fully expect myself to make those purchases, so I give myself room in the budget for it. And then life is gravy.

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Katie Archer

Katie Archer

Katie Archer has spent years running two things successfully - the business that she and her husband own, and the family that they love.

Katie has multiple business backgrounds in creative writing, sales, and finance. She has experienced a variety of work environments, from the travel industry, to cosmetic sales, software, and more recently, the design and development world. For the past four years has worked along side her amazing husband James in managing and growing their design business Forty, Inc, which culminated in an exciting recent acquisition.

Katie and James have two delightful and intelligent boys. Together as a family, they love to take road-trips, swim, play frisbee, and play the top Billboard playlists together. They live in a cute house in Gilbert, AZ.

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