Doing Business as Family


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Wait, what exactly is a “podcast”?

If you’re not familiar with podcasts, don’t worry. They’re simpler than they sound. A “podcast” is like a radio show you can subscribe to. Instead of waiting for a certain day and time to listen, the new episodes will automatically be sent to your phone, tablet, or other device, which will download it automatically so it’s ready for you to listen to while you’re driving, at the gym, or anywhere else you feel like it.

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Most podcast apps have the ability to search for podcasts. Simply open your app, find the function for searching podcasts, and search for “Doing Business as Family.”

Don’t have a podcast app yet?

If you don’t yet have a favorite app for listening to podcasts, here are some to consider:


  • Podcasts (free): Apple’s simple tool for subscribing to and downloading podcasts
  • Downcast ($2.99): A straightforward and solid mid-range tool with a variety of options
  • Overcast (free basic; $4.99 full): Newer podcast app with robust features


  • Podcast Addict (free): One of the top-rated Android podcast apps
  • Podcast Republic (free): Another popular podcast app choice for Android devices
  • Pocket Casts ($3.99): A full-featured podcast app, including silence removal, volume boost, and more.


  • iPodcast (free): Simple and straightforward podcast subscription app
  • Podcast Lounge ($2.99): Voted by readers as the best independent podcast app for Windows Phones.
  • Casts (free): A newer, easy-to-use option with minimalist design

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If you want to enter the podcast feed manually (usually not required), you can find it here:

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